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Marcela Vrček is a fashion stylist from Zagreb, Croatia and Design Graduate at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Marcela's freelance styling work is both for large commercial clients, as well as private entities, which include young up and coming fashion designers and small business brands. In addition to the professional styling, she is a full time retail worker at a Vintage clothes & goods shop.

In more detail, the styling job is permanently oriented towards fashion & commercial photo shootings,
campaigns and sometimes on personal projects like presenting garms from young Croatian fashion
designers which definitely brings the most fulfillment to Marcela's profession.


The most important mission in all projects she is involved in, besides creativity, is to emphasize
sustainability in fashion. From pointing out the major issues with fast fashion production, to presenting
brands & individuals who care about our eco-system & human rights of garment workers - Marcela's
goal is to provide a better solution for the future.

Marcela's personal style is determined by the expression of certain emotions, moods and simply every
day things that inspire her. She finds most of her favorite pieces in a variety of places, whether that is
her mothers closet, a thrift shop, or a designer item – what matters is how it feels when it is worn.

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